Making Development Possible

The experienced team at i-develop aim to make the complex process of development straight forward to everyday Australians.  The i-develop team make development possible by taking clients from initial conception through to the finished development.


The process of a development even a small scale one is far more complicated and potentially expensive than most people realise.  By not using the appropriate experienced project managers and advisors there are many ways costs can overrun and cause the investor significant losses.  These can range from Local Government Costs and Fees, not engaging the appropriate professionals and contractors at competitive rates, and not understanding potential for a loss-making venture.


The i-develop team are able to mitigate risk by discussing and explaining where risk and reward meet for the potential development.  By undertaking a successful exploration, the team can create new wealth and return value to investors, minimising negative impacts to people, investors and the environment.  By undertaking a due diligence assessment, the team are able to gain more realistic timeframes for project milestones and processes which can be valuable in mitigating delays and cost blowouts to stake holders.  The due diligence which the i develop team undertake is a risk management process which is designed to enable a potential investor to decide if they should proceed with a project.


The team undertake a complex and thorough process for each development as outlined below:

The Development Life Cycle Explained

The Construction Life Cycle Explained

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